Distributed Computing Track

Networking Track

  • Latecomers Help to Meet: Deterministic Anonymous Gathering in the Plane
    Andrzej Pelc, Ram Narayan Yadav
  • A Scalable Algorithm for Multiparty Interactive Communication with Private Channels
    Abhinav Aggarwal, Varsha Dani, Thomas P. Hayes, Jared Saia
  • Optimal Patrolling of High Priority Segments while Visiting the Unit Interval with a Set of Mobile Robots
    Oscar Morales-Ponce
  • GraphTM: An Efficient Framework for Supporting Transactional Memory in a Distributed Environment
    Pavan Poudel, Gokarna Sharma
  • Dispersion of Mobile Robots in the Global Communication Model
    Ajay Kshemkalyani, Anisur Rahaman Molla, Gokarna Sharma.
  • A Bounding Box Overlay for Competitive Routing in Hybrid Communication Networks
    Jannik Castenow, Christina Kolb, Christian Scheideler
  • Distributed MST: A Smoothed Analysis
    Gopal Pandurangan, Dinh Nguyen Pham, Soumyottam Chatterjee
  • A Generic Efficient Biased Optimizer for Consensus Protocols
    Yehonatan Buchnik, Roy Friedman
  • MCS Lock Perfected
    Prasad Jayanti, Siddhartha Jayanti, Sucharita Jayanti.
  • PARMA-CC: Parallel Multistage Approximate Cluster Combining
    Amir Keramatian, Vincenzo Gulisano, Marina Papatriantafilou and Philippas Tsigas
  • Fully Low Memory Self-Healing Trees with Compact Routing
    Armando Castaneda, Jonas Lefèvre, Amitabh Trehan
  • Security-aware Resource Brokering for Bioinformatics Workflows across Federated Multi-cloud Infrastructures
    Minh Nguyen, Saptarshi Debroy, Prasad Calyam, Zhen Lyu, Trupti Joshi
  • Weak robots performing conflicting tasks without knowing who's in their team
    Subhash Bhagat, Paola Flocchini, Krishnendu Mukhopadhyaya and Nicola Santoro
  • Global Stabilization for Causally Consistent Partial Replication
    Zhuolun Xiang, Nitin Vaidya


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