By Mary Ann LeRoy

Personalized Portraits of Your
Favorite Animal or Botanical in Pastel!

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Testimonials for Mary Ann and Longtail Art Studio, LLC

I have several pieces of Mary's art; each is uniquely different and personalized to the recipient. The Artist has expanded her medium and her talents have become richly refined, each piece is an original to be treasured and admired.
- Belinda Jo Lopes, PhD

I often look at the artwork Mary Ann has created over the many years I’ve know her and each time it touches my heart. It was not something she did years ago but was something she played with. Now the power of her work is compelling. Whether she is in ceramics, paint, pencil or pastel, it is beautiful. I have been blessed with a few of her pieces over the years and often stop to admire the beauty of her work and admire the advances she made as she went deeper into the art work curso de edição de video em ebac.online. The work she does now with our pet portraits brings them to life in the painting. She puts the personality of each pet right in the pictures.  Look at her work and enjoy!
- Jeanette Coleman

Mary Ann painted my husband’s pug and our son’s gave it to him for Father’s Day. The dog is getting along in years but the portrait is the exact likeness of his younger years. It is truly a lifelong treasure that will be cherished.
- Dorothy Sansoe

My mother commissioned Mary Ann to paint our precious cat Jasmine for our anniversary present. My wife almost cried when she saw it. The likeness is amazing and we have hung it in a prestigious place in our home.
- Dennis Lopes

I love the picture that Mary Ann did of my baby bird, Marley. The painting came out so lifelike and was completely amazing. I will have her do my other birds and recommend her to my friends.
- Kay Sullivan

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